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Your Change Makes Change

The Sacramento Zoo is increasing its commitment to conservation by supporting exciting field conservation projects both locally and around the globe with the Quarters for Conservation program. Through the collection of quarters, the zoo provides funding for wildlife conservation projects. You, our members and visitors, are part of this exciting contribution to wildlife conservation.

How it Works

As you enter the zoo, you’ll receive a token representing your contribution to conservation. The token enables you to vote for a conservation project of your choice–your vote helps us determine how much funding each project receives. You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the projects and cast your vote at the zoo’s Entry Plaza.

Each project is guaranteed $5,000 annually with additional funding based on the number of votes each project receives.

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Wild Nature INstituteWild giraffes

Wild Nature Institute’s giraffe research is discovering where Masai giraffes are doing well, where they are not, and why. Their research supports communities working to protect and connect areas important to Masai giraffe conservation.



Tuleyome Wildlife restoration effortDeer in restored Tuleyome Preserve

Tuleyome’s long-term plan is to restore vital habitat for black bears, mountain lions and Tule elk in the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region that was destroyed by wildfires in 2018. Phase one of the restoration will be field assessment of the burned areas and the selection of sites that can most effectively be restored. Phase two will consist of the actual restoration work and the creation of a long-term management plan to better protect the selected sites from further wildfire damage.


The Grevy’s zebra TrustGrevy's Zebra

The Grevy’s zebra is one of Africa’s most endangered large mammals. Historically found more widely across the Horn of Africa, Grevy’s zebra are now restricted to Ethiopia and Kenya, where 93% of the population lives. The Grevy’s Zebra Trust works to conserve the Laisamis Grevy’s zebra and its habitat through community engagement, facilitating the management of community water and grasslands through improved grazing and settlement planning. Your vote will help train new Grevy’s Zebra Warriors and Grasslands Champions.


Additional Quarters for Conservation Funding

In 2015 the zoo increased its commitment to conservation. In addition to the Quarters for Conservation program where visitors get to vote for a project, every time a guest has fun riding the train, Conservation Carousel, trekking up the Kilimanjaro Climb, participating in a giraffe encounter or experiencing the Serengeti Cyclone, a quarter is added to the Sacramento Zoo’s conservation fund. This is in addition to existing programs such as the 2% of membership support that goes to wildlife conservation that was started in 2008.

Donate to the Conservation Fund

The Sacramento Zoo supports many other conservation efforts around the world. Visit the Conservation Partners page for details on other projects.