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1st-6th Grade – MULTI-Day Camps

Fall Camp

November 25 – 26
9 am to 4 pm
Can you imagine a sloth as tall as a giraffe, an armadillo the size of a car, or an otter the size of a wolf? These ideas may seem crazy but (huge) ancient relatives of these animals once roamed the earth! Through the study of fossils and biofacts, and by meeting animals up close, we will learn more about animals here at the zoo and their extinct relatives.

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Winter Camp

Dec. 27 – 29: Dinosaur Roar!
What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? Which dinosaurs lived in the same time period, and how did they all get along? We will explore together to learn about specific dinosaur species, dinosaur defenses, and the prehistoric timeline!

Jan. 2 – 4: Dinosaurs Among Us
Calling all Jr. paleontologists! Join us to check out all the dinosaurs visiting the zoo this winter and dig our way back through time to learn about them! We will look at fossils and figure out which animals at the zoo today are dinosaur descendants (hint: it might not be who you think!)

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Dino Days

Join us this fall for Dino-Days! these Saturday classes are all the fun of Zoo Camp packed into one day! We will learn about dinosaurs and animals as we tour the zoo, do a project, play games, and meet some animals up close! Each class has a different theme so come to just one or all three! These classes are for kids in 1st to 6th grades and run from 9 am-4 pm.

Saturday, Nov. 2: Creature Feature: T-Rex!
Imagine an animal more than twice the height of a giraffe, now add sharp teeth and claws: that’s the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Join us to the see the T-rex we will have here at the zoo and learn in depth about its diet, behavior, where it lived, and more!

Saturday, Nov. 9: Mighty Myths
Were all dinosaurs fast? Were they all really big? Is everything we think of actually a dinosaur? We will look at the most common misconceptions about dinosaurs and learn some surprising facts to become true dinosaur experts!

Saturday, Dec. 7: Dino Diets
Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores oh my! Head on over to the zoo to learn all about what dinosaurs ate when they roamed the earth, what animals eat today, and how we know all of those things! Take a closer look at the dinosaurs here at the zoo, at animal skulls, and even take a peek into the zoo’s kitchen to see how we prepare diets for our animals every day!

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Spring Camp

Spring Camp 2019 Registration Closed



K-6th Grade – Summer Camps

Zoo camp is meant to be a fun experience and should never feel like school. We also feel that providing this fun and exciting atmosphere gives us a unique opportunity to reach kids and inspire them to care about wildlife, wild spaces and to act to protect them.

2019 Summer Camp registration is now closed.
2020 Summer Camp dates and details will be posted in early 2020.


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Summer camp scholarships are available for all camps and classes. Click here to learn more.


Half-day Camps, $165*


*Specialty classes may have an added cost.

Half day camps are Monday – Friday, 9 am to noon and are designed for students entering the indicated grade in the fall.

Kindergarten (Red) 
1st – 2nd Grade (Yellow)
1st – 3rd Mixed Grade (Orange)
4th – 6th Mixed Grade (Orange)

Full-day Camps, $275*

*Specialty classes may have an added cost

Full-day camps are Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm and are designed for students entering the indicated grades in the fall.

1st – 2nd Grade (Green)
3rd – 4th Grade (Blue)

5th – 6th Grade (Purple)
7th – 9th Grade (Silver)

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