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K-6th Grade – Summer Camps

Zoo camp is meant to be a fun experience and should never feel like school. We also feel that providing this fun and exciting atmosphere gives us a unique opportunity to reach kids and inspire them to care about wildlife, wild spaces and to act to protect them.

We are postponing our summer camp registration until further notice. If you would like to be on our camp mailing list, please follow this link and add your contact information. Thank you for your continued support of our Education Programs.


Registration Guide

Summer camp scholarships are available for all camps and classes. Click here to learn more.


1st-6th Grade – MULTI-Day Camps

Spring Camp

1st – 6th Grade
Amazing Adaptations!

Apr. 7 – 10, 2020

Apr. 14 – 17, 2020
9 am to 4 pm

Registration for spring camp is on hold while the zoo is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 precautions. Stay tuned to this page for updates!

From fur to scales, teeth to beaks, venom to poison, animals have amazing adaptations they use everyday to survive! Join us this spring break to learn how animals are adapted to their environments. Join us for games, projects, hands-on learning, up-close animal encounters and more!


Fall Camp

Check back in Summer 2020 for more information and registration dates.

Winter Camp

Check back in Fall 2020 for more information.


Half-day Camps, $170*


*Specialty classes may have an added cost.

Half day camps are Monday – Friday, 9 am to noon and are designed for students entering the indicated grade in the fall.

Kindergarten (Red) 
1st – 2nd Grade (Yellow)
1st – 3rd Mixed Grade (Orange)
4th – 6th Mixed Grade (Orange)

Full-day Camps, $280*

*Specialty classes may have an added cost

Full-day camps are Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm and are designed for students entering the indicated grades in the fall.

1st – 2nd Grade (Green)
3rd – 4th Grade (Blue)

5th – 6th Grade (Purple)
7th – 9th Grade (Silver)