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Prepare for Camp Registration

We are postponing our summer camp registration until further notice. If you would like to be on our camp mailing list, please follow this link and add your contact information. Thank you for your continued support of our Education Programs.

Pre-Registration Day (Member Pre-SALe)

Before you can register for camp you must have a login and password for the zoo’s website. Follow the directions below to ensure you are all set for summer camp registration. Completing this process by March 2020 will give our staff time to ensure you are ready to go and/or address any issues before summer camp registration.

This is a two-step process!

Step 1: Register for our website (if you have already registered for our website you can skip to step two).
Step 2: Check to make sure that your website registration is linked to your zoo membership.

Step 1: Register for our website:

  1. To make sure your website registration links to your zoo membership, you need the following information exactly as it appears on your membership card: name, address, phone number, and email.
  2. You will know that you have registered successfully when you receive a confirmation email

Step 2: Test your website registration:

  1. You need to test your website registration to make sure that it links to your zoo membership and that your membership is active.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to the website
    If you can add an attendee to your shopping cart on this page, great, you are all set! Please do not click “add to cart”. It is not necessary to go through with this registration. It seems simple but if you are logged in and have the ability to add an attendee to this membership test then this really is the final step in the process.
  3. This does not check your membership level. Check your membership card, or email to assure that you are at the duo level or higher. Individual memberships are not eligible for priority camp registration

Registration Day (general registration)

  1. Go to the camp registration page:
    Find the appropriate grade level group and click register
  2. Choose the specific class you wish to register for
    a. If you are registering for more than one class, each must be done individually
    b. If you are signing up multiple children in one class, that can be done all at once
  3. Type in the number of campers you are registering in that specific class and click register
  1. Enter camper info
    a. You need to provide their name, phone number, and address
    b. Do NOT click “use as billing info”, this information will be entered in at different time
    c. DO click “Apply to all tickets” if you want the last name and phone number that you just entered, associated with all campers you are registering only in this class
  2. Parent/Guardian information
    You need to provide the name, phone number, and email of the parent or guardian
  3. Additional Emergency contact information
    Please provide the name, phone number, and relationship to the child of your chosen emergency contact
  4. Child information
    You need to provide the following information, please have it ready:
    Grade as of fall 2020
    Any allergies your child has
    If they will be carrying an inhaler, Epi Pen, or other medication to camp
    Any additional behavioral or sensory concerns
    What hospital you wish them to be taken to in case of an emergency
    A name for their button if different from the name they are registering with
    T-shirt size (except in Little Peeps and Vet Tag Alongs)
  5. Policies you will need to review and/or agree to:
    a. Promotional photo release
    b. Release of liability
    c. Cancellation and class change policy
    d. We will also ask you how you heard about camp
  6. Additional Camper (in this class)
    a. If you are registering multiple campers within one class, this is where you enter that second child’s information
    b. You can click “Same as Above” for parent info to shorten the process
  7. Add to Cart
    Your child’s spot in that class is now pulled from the pool
  8. You will now be in the shopping cart screen
    E-tickets are the only delivery option for camp registration— you will now have 25 minutes until you submit your payment before this class times out of your cart —
  9. To Add More Classes

    To add more classes and/or campers, click “Camps and Classes” under the large photo at the top of the page (blue navigation bar). We do not recommend clicking “continue shopping” it will take you to a page with many more choices that are not camp-related.

  10. Repeat the entire process until all your campers are registered
  11. Check out
    a.Once all campers have been registered and you are in your shopping cart, click “check out”. This will take you to the payment area
    b. You are not done until you have clicked the “COMPLETE PAYMENT” button
    You will then see a confirmation screen as well as receive a set of acknowledgement emails (one for every camp class you have registered for)

Wait List

If a class is full and you wish to put your child on a wait list, you can find that by going to the wait list.

  1. Find the appropriate age level group and fill out your camper’s information and select the class(es) you wish to put them on the wait list for
  2. Do not refresh the page – that will just re-submit the same wait list request that you just submitted. If you are putting multiple campers on the wait list, you need to follow the link again to the wait list.
  3. If you are NOT a current Sacramento Zoo member when you submit your wait list inquiry during the pre-sale period, it will be deleted without notice.

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