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1st-6th Grade – Family classes

Looking for an educational and fun experience the whole family can enjoy together? Our family class is made for you! These 3-hour Saturday classes are designed for families of at least one adult and one child, 1st – 6th grade. Each day will have a specific theme and each class will include an animal encounter, activities and/or games and a guided tour through part of the zoo to enjoy together as a family! Each class in a series is independent but also fits into a larger theme. Join us for one or all four!

This spring our family classes will focus on animal enrichment. Enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals and changes throughout their day or week. Each class will focus on a different type of enrichment and will include the chance to see some enrichments in action in the zoo!

$75 per adult and child pair
$25 per additional family member
*No more than two children per adult, and no more than two adults per child


Saturday, Feb. 23: Food Enrichment
9 am – 12 pm

Humans usually love to eat, and most animals are the same way! Join us as we learn about food enrichments here at the zoo and watch the animals enjoy some delicious snacks!

Saturday, Mar. 9: Social, Behavioral and Training
9 am – 12 pm

We hope you will make some new friends during our family classes, human and otherwise. This class will focus on social enrichment for animals through interactions with other animals and species, as well as zookeepers and visitors!

Saturday, Apr. 13: Sensory Enrichment
9 am – 12 pm

Some animals have a great sense of smell while others have amazing hearing. In turn, they benefit from exploring new smells, sounds and sights. This week we will watch animals enjoy some sensory enrichments and even test our own senses together!

Saturday, May 4: Manipulative Enrichment
9 am – 12 pm

Animals like to play with toys just like we do! This class will focus on toy and manipulative-based enrichments animals here at the zoo or at your home enjoy!


Family Overnight safari

Registration open now!

Set dates for families of 2 or more.
Grab and go dinner and breakfast are included.
Sac Zoo members: $55 per person
Non-members: $65 per person

Family Overnight Dates
Saturday, June 8
Friday, June 14
Friday, June 21
Saturday, July 6
Friday, July 12
Saturday, July 20
Friday, July 26
Saturday, August 3

For more details and registration links, please visit our Overnight Safari page.