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Field Trips & Groups

Come have the wildest visit at the Sacramento Zoo!

Field Trips

The following qualify as a school: Charter school, college, CORAL, Headstart, home school, TK-12 public, preschool, private, schools for homeless or START.

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Do you have a group of 20 or more and would like to receive a group discount? Come and enjoy the zoo animals together!

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Field Trip & Group rates

To receive the discounted rates, advance reservations are required and signed paperwork must be received 2 weeks in advance of the visit.

School Rates

10 or more people. Reservation required

Regular School Rates
General admission: $7.50
Students ages 2-17: $7.50
Children ages 0-1: Free

April, May & June Pricing
General admission: $8
Students ages 2-17: $8
Children ages 0-1: Free


Group Rates

20 or more people. Reservation required

General admission: $13
Children ages 0-1: Free


The Sacramento Zoo strives to provide an outdoor educational experience to children of all ages regardless of their economic level. We offer many ways for children to foster an understanding and appreciation of wildlife. In an effort to continue to reach this goal, we are proudly offering grants to qualifying schools and families to allow them to experience the zoo. Visit the Scholarship page for details.

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