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Wild About Science

(3rd through 12th grade only)


This all-encompassing STEM education program perfect for your classroom! This multi-visit program introduces students to science in a fun and engaging way. Staff utilizes the 5E instructional cycle to engage students in inquiry-based learning. Through Ambitious Science Teaching, students and staff will explain a novel phenomenon with a hands-on experiment, animal ambassadors, and a visit to the zoo without leaving the classroom! The program focuses on water quality and overall conservation, while meeting many Next Generation Science Standards.

This program is perfectly suited to a teacher’s science lesson plan, integrating seamlessly into the curriculum and test preparation.

The Wild About Science ZooMobile Program includes the following:

  • 2 in-classroom visits (45 minutes each)
    • 1st visit: Staff will introduce the scientific method, help students set up their experiment, and explore the phenomenon that students are explaining. Students will have active discussions begin to generate and interpret evidence to support their ideas.
    • 2nd Visit: Staff will bring 3 animal ambassadors to visit the classroom, allowing students to discuss with zoo staff and amongst themselves how the results of their experiment could impact the lives of the animals and the ecosystem.
  • Video Chat
    • This remote third session will take your students on a virtual tour of the zoo, discuss ways we can all help the planet, and finish with an up close encounter with one of the zoo resident animals! The staff will video conference into your classroom, live from the zoo!
  • Instruction Manual with experiment information and ideas for additional subject applications, and sample data sheets
  • All materials needed for a radish seed growth experiment

The fee for all three visits (including the remote video chat) is $600 per classroom.

Zoomobile: Wild About Science PROGRAM

Morning Program

  • Program is available between 8 am to noon.
  • Program is offered all year; Monday – Fridays.
  • We will do up to three back-to-back programs per morning, in the same presentation room. Back-to-back programs are one program immediately after the other.

Afternoon Program

  • Program is available between 1:30 to 4 pm.
  • Program is offered January – March & September – December; Monday – Fridays.
  • We will do up to two back-to-back programs per afternoon, in the same presentation room. Back-to-back programs are one program immediately after the other.
  • Travel boundaries are reduced for the afternoon programs.

Payment Information

  • No deposit required.
  • Payments are not required at time of booking, however it is an option.
  • Payments are due to the Sacramento Zoo 10 days prior to your program date to avoid cancellation and/or late fee.
  • The Sacramento Zoo does not accept purchase orders.
  • After registration, your payment will appear on your receipt as two separate $300 programs, which covers the cost of all elements listed above.

Scheduling Information

  • Your first and second in-class visits must be scheduled at least one month apart (to give the experiment a chance to grow).
  • Zoo staff will contact you directly to schedule your video chat, after your online registration. This can be scheduled for any date after your second in-class visit.
  • Zoo staff will contact you via the email address provided in your registration with more information, pre-visit questionnaire, and program materials.

More than an hour’s drive away?
Extra Travel Fee: $100, plus two programs minimum must be purchased to secure your date.
ZooMobile Travel Area by ZIP Code
*Due to animal needs, distance traveled for ZooMobile programs is limited.





The Sacramento Zoo strives to provide an outdoor educational experience to children of all ages regardless of their economic level. We offer many ways for children to foster an understanding and appreciation of wildlife. In an effort to continue to reach this goal, we are proudly offering grants to qualifying schools and families to allow them to experience the zoo.