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One-Day Classes

Does your child want to learn about and explore the natural world from the safety of the Sacramento Zoo? This half-day, morning class will engage your animal lover in hands-on activities, take-home crafts, and up-close encounters with animals! Small class sizes ensure the safety of your children and allow for social distancing. Check out the topics below to find age-appropriate themes for your nature explorer.

half day classes

Classes are divided up by the grade level which children will be entering in the fall. Each class is a one-day, three hour class, from 9 am -12 pm.

All grade levels will participate in the following experiences:

  • Fun crafts/activities
  • Interactive lessons and games
  • Partial or full zoo tours
  • Interaction with zookeepers
  • Animal encounters with the zoo’s animal ambassadors
  • The making and/or watching of a special enrichment for a resident animal 

*Classes incorporates California Next Generation Science Standards

Cost: $50 per child, per class


June 23, 2021- Hoppy Habitats: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Hop around the world with us as we explore a variety of different habitats, and which hopping animals might live there. Why do a frog and a snow leopard both hop when they live in completely different areas? In this class, campers will read books, make crafts, and participate in science experiments to learn about how and why animals hop, and how it helps them in their different habitats.

June 30, 2021- Animal Conservation and YOU: 7th – 12th Grade

Get your start on making a difference in animal conservation. Learn about conservation and field work, why it’s important and how zoos and YOU play a vital role. Learn and practice some conservation techniques and gain your skills as a citizen scientist!

July 14, 2021- Enrichment Extravaganza!: 2nd – 4th Grades

Journey through the world of animal enrichments as we make special treats for the animals and discover how they use their unique adaptations and skills just like they would in the wild. Campers will make a take-home craft, learn about behavior observations and scientific documentation, and even put their abilities to the test with human enrichment puzzles!  

July 21, 2021- Art for Animals: 4th – 6th Grades

Find out how art can help save wildlife! Learn about endangered species that live right here at the Sacramento Zoo and how art can be used to help save animals like them in the wild. Use your artistic talent to create your own artwork promoting wildlife conservation, then put them on a display for zoo guests to see during an art show featuring your creation.

July 28, 2021- Science Safari: 3rd – 5th Grades

Through fun experiments and engaging activities, students will uncover the fundamentals of scientific discovery! How do scientists track an owl’s diet? How do plants and animals contribute to the health of an ecosystem? Find out in Science Safari, and meet some animal friends along the way!


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