Education Program Scholarships

The Sacramento Zoo strives to provide an outdoor educational experience to children of all ages regardless of their economic level. We offer many ways for children to foster an understanding and appreciation of wildlife through ZooMobiles which bring the zoo to your classroom and summer camp. In an effort to continue to reach this goal, we are proudly offering grants to qualifying schools and families to allow them to experience the zoo.

*Discounts and scholarships can not be combined.

Class Scholarships
The Sacramento Zoo offers scholarships to help families send their children to the zoo for a fun-filled class experience. This scholarship has been made available through generous donations from families and individual donations. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, download the appropriate application below and email it to the Education Department of the Sacramento Zoo.

We offer a partial scholarship per child depending on the financial need of the family. All applications are taken under consideration and information listed is kept strictly confidential.

Class Scholarship – For all other classes (spring, fall and winter)

Summer Camp Scholarship

ZooMobile Scholarships
Thanks to a generous grant from the Lions Club, River Cats and individual donations, we can provide ZooMobile programs to low income or Title 1 schools. Applicants may only apply for one ZooMobile scholarship.

ZooMobile Scholarship Application – Low income and Title 1 schools and organizations.

Field Trip And Group Visit Scholarship
Thanks to generous donations, we were able to offer scholarships for 15 schools in 2018.

Wells Fargo Wednesday School And Group Scholarships
Scholarship Application Wells Fargo Wednesday – For Title 1 schools.