Reciprocal List

Reciprocal Zoo & Aquarium List

When you travel, make sure to take your Sacramento Zoo membership card with you.

Membership at the Sacramento Zoo includes discounted admission to over 150 AZA accredited zoos and aquariums across the United States, Canada and Mexico. List is subject to change. For the most updated list, visit the AZA’s Reciprocal Admissions Program website.

Each zoo has its own admission policies and restrictions and may require a photo ID. Certain zoos may not honor a digital membership card or may require tickets be purchased in advance of your visit. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND contacting them before you visit.

AZA members receive 50% off admission to the Sacramento Zoo
* Admission is already free; a discount is offered in the gift shop, parking or concessions.
** These zoos will be closed for a portion of the year
*** Not open to the public; this organization offers a 10% discount in their online shop.