Press Room

The Sacramento Zoo’s Public Relations (PR) department is available to assist with story development and logistics for news media and travel journalists, and coordinate on-site photography and video requests. We also can provide digital images for story use.

News coverage
All media requests are handled through our PR Department. We require that you give us as much advance notice as possible before coming to the Zoo so that we can make your time here as efficient as possible. For national and international media that do not require on-site assistance, we can also handle your interview and informational requests by phone or email.
The Sacramento Zoo can come out to your site for a media interview.  The only animals that can be brought off-grounds are our education animal ambassadors.  These animals are used in our interpretive stage show and are trained to be handled by our zoo staff.

Videography and Photography Requests
All Zoo visitors can take photos and video for their private, personal use only. Video and photos must be taken from the general public viewing area and must be a minimum distraction to our guests, staff and animals.

The PR Department handles requests to come to the Zoo for photography and videography shoots; whether it is commercial, private, or media-related. With its wide range of rare and endangered animals and beautifully landscaped areas, the Zoo provides an ideal outdoor backdrop for video productions and still photography.  Unless the work is directly promoting the Sacramento Zoo, the Zoo does ask for a donation to support the nonprofit Sacramento Zoological Society.

Outside companies can request use of the Zoo facilities and images of its animals for advertising, film, documentary and video productions, books, consumer products, CD/ROMs, packaging, and stock photography. There is a standard fee or nominal donation for commercial projects, such as for-profit ventures. You can request this information by email. As a nonprofit organization, the Sacramento Zoological Society relies on these donations to continue its mission of wildlife conservation and education, and for animal enrichment and exhibit improvements. The Zoo reserves the right to deny usage and materials requests for any reason.

Please email your request or call Tonja Swank, Public Relations Coordinator at 916-808-7446.  Written requests are preferred and should include a summary of your project, detailed needs and expected activities, number of persons involved, date of shoot, and estimated time allotted.

Animal Usage Policy
The Sacramento Zoo reserves the right to limit the use of animals in any outside production. No animals may be handled or exhibits entered, except with special permission and accompanied by a designated Zoo staff member. No outside vehicles are permitted on Zoo grounds during public hours, except with special permission.

Animals cannot be manipulated in any way, or moved off-site, unless by special permission, and only with Zoo staff. The only animals that are used off-grounds are the animals used in the Zoo’s educational outreach programs. Animals on exhibit may be viewed only from public viewing areas, unless specific authorization is given to go behind-the-scenes, accompanied by Zoo public relations representatives.

Video productions or photo shoots that require closing animal or public areas must be requested at least two weeks in advance. We prefer not to close public areas, because we are expected to be open year-round. Last minute shoots are feasible, contingent on use of animals in specific exhibits. The animals’ needs must come first. We may not be able to accommodate off-hour filming.

Use of Animal Images in Publications
You may use Zoo images in printed materials but must provide photographer credit when the Zoo supplies a photo, or credit to the Sacramento Zoo.

The Sacramento Zoo can provide images for your needs. To request animal or event images, please contact the PR Department.

Mailing List
To be added to the mailing list for press releases or calendar of events releases, please email your request. Send your email address, name, organization’s name, department name, mailing address, phone number.

Updated press releases will also be posted on this web site at the end of each month.

Zoo Archives
Zoo archival materials are available, including current and historical photographs and some historical documents. Many items are unique or fragile and cannot be released. However, we may be able to accommodate requests for historical images for publications or video productions.

B-Roll of Sacramento Zoo
The Zoo does not currently have an updated video library with b-roll footage available for videographers or news media.

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