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The Sacramento Zoological Society achieves it's mission "to inspire appreciation, understanding and respect for all living things through stimulating education, wholesome recreation and innovative species management" by working with the community and reaching out beyond its physical boundaries.

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Message from the Board President
Annual Report 2014

My closing message is truly a bittersweet one. I’m grateful for the support that all of the Zoo community has given to the Board of Trustees this past year, and so sad for the painful loss of our beloved Zoo Director, Mary Healy. Mary was not only a cherished colleague in our shared love of the Zoo, but a loyal and valued friend. Of course we have to move on, but that doesn’t mean we will soon forget her untimely passing. I personally want to thank all of you who have generously offered gifts in Mary’s memory, and I assure you that they will be put to a use that would please her.

As we move on, I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Adrian Fowler who has graciously assumed the role of acting director in the interim as we move forward with a search for Mary’s successor.

As in past years, the Zoo has had an excellent year in no small part due to the dedication and hard work of the staff, docents and volunteers.
As for myself, I am in no way leaving the zoo community. My term as Board President ended in December 2014, but my affection for the Zoo is as deeply held as it was when I first joined the Zoo Board many years ago. I’ll always be grateful that you’ve given me this wonderful opportunity to serve you.

James Naify
Board of Trustees


From the Director’s Desk
Annual Report 2014

2014 brought a year of highs and lows for Sacramento Zoo. Mary Healy was very much the face of the Zoo, and her presence is felt everywhere. From Tall Wonders to Small Wonders, Mary’s vision is with us all. I share the sentiments of our Board President that her loss is immeasurable.

It has been a privilege to continue Mary’s work, but it would not have been
possible without the support and dedication of the Zoo’s professional staff. It has been a difficult year indeed.

As if Mary’s passing was not enough heartache for one year, we also lost another great friend who called Sacramento Zoo his home.

Like many kids, I had great aspirations of working with animals. As a youngster in Britain, I had dreams of one day packing my bags and working with wildlife out in the bush. Not content with the conventional reading for a twelve-year-old, my Christmas wish list included the latest copy of Fowler’s Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine, hot off the press as the all-new, 2nd edition.

At that age, I knew very little of Dr. Murray E. Fowler. But as I grew up, it became obvious to me that his name was synonymous with wildlife medicine. Wherever in the world wildlife professionals were working, they had Murray by their side – or at least his textbook, widely regarded as the “bible” for zoo veterinarians.

Murray’s 8th edition of that same textbook now sits on my shelf here in
Sacramento. For thousands of wildlife professionals, our careers have been heavily influenced by the work and writing of the one individual whom we all consider to be the father of zoological medicine. Murray passed away on May 18, 2014, leaving a legacy that veterinarians will admire for many generations to come.

Great people like Mary and Murray have inspired new generations to do great things. And they’re all here, making Sacramento Zoo a leader among America’s small zoos.

Dr. Adrian Fowler
Interim Zoo Director

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