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Due to exhibit maintenance, weather conditions and animal care requirements, some of the animals may not be viewable. If you are interested in a particular species, please call (916) 808-5888 or email the Member & Visitor Services Office to find out if you will be able to see those animals during your visit.

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Blue Tree Monitor Vulnerable Symbol
Blue Tree Monitor

Chinese Crocodile Lizard Vulnerable Symbol 
Chinese crocodile lizard

Common Chuckwalla Not Threatened Symbol

European Legless Lizard Not Threatened Symbol
European Legless Lizard

Fiji Island Banded Iguana Endangered Symbol Fiji Island Banded Iguana

Gila Lizard Vulnerable SymbolGila Lizard

Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko   Vulnerable Symbol Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko

Honduran Dwarf Club-tailed Iguana Endangered SymbolHonduran Dwarf Club-tailed Iguana

Madagascar Collared Lizard Not Threatened SymbolMadagascar Collared Lizard

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko Vulnerable SymbolMadagascar Giant Day Gecko

Madagascar Rainbow Sand Lizard  Vulnerable Symbol Madagascar Rainbow Sand Lizard

Prehensile-tailed SkinkVulnerable Symbol Prehensile-tailed Skink

Standing's Day Gecko Vulnerable SymbolStanding's Day Gecko

Tokay Gecko Not Threatened SymbolTokay Gecko

Yucatan Dwarf Club-tailed Iguana Vulnerable SymbolYucatan Dwarf Club-tailed Iguana


Turtles & Tortoises

Chinese Stripe-necked
Turtle Endangered Symbol
Chinese Stripe-necked Turtles

Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle Critically Endangered Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle

Hamilton's Pond Turtle Vulnerable SymbolHamilton's Pond Turtle

Madagascar Big-headed Turtle Critically EndangeredMadagascar Big-headed Turtle

Madagascar Flat-tailed Tortoise Critically Endangered Madagascar Flat-tailed Tortoise

Spider Tortoise Critically Endangered Spider Tortoise

Spur-thighed Tortoise Vulnerable SymbolSpur-thighed Tortoise

Western Pond TurtleVulnerable Symbol Western Pond Turtle




Ball Python Vulnerable Symbol
Ball Python

Brazilian Rainbow Boa Not Threatened Symbol
Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Giant Garter Snake Vulnerable Symbol
Giant Garter Snake

Green Tree Python Vulnerable Symbol
Green Tree Python

Madagascar Tree Boa Endangered SymbolMadagascar Tree Boa

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Not Threatened Symbol
Northen Pacific Rattlesnake

Pacific Gopher Snake Not Threatened Symbol
Pacific Gopher Snake

Puerto Rican Boa Endangered Symbol
Puerto Rican boa

Sidewinder Not Threatened Symbol
Sonoran Sidewinder

Taylor's Cantil Not Threatened Symbol
Taylor's Cantil




Curlyhair Tarantula Vulnerable Symbol
Curlyhair Tarantula

Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula Vulnerable Symbol
Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula

Smooth-fronted Caiman Vulnerable Symbol
Schneider's Smooth-fronted Caiman

Tail-less Whip Scorpion Not Threatened Symbol
Tail-less Whip Scorpion


* The Zoo determines each species extinction status level by compiling resources from the following agencies: The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendices, US Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Act (ESA), International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List, and the European Union Wildlife Trade Regulations.

Photo credit: Lauren Kraft, Tananarive Aubert, Sacramento Zoo Staff

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