Sacramento Zoo's Green Team
The Zoo’s Green Team has expanded their message to encourage “greener” behavior from all staff, docents and volunteers.

Current Recycling and Conservation Practices
The Green Team has accomplished a lot since it's formation in 2003. There is an overall effort to reduce waste, conserve energy and create positive change here and with in our community. Here is a small sample of the practices we are committed to following.

Offices and Personal Work Areas

  • Recycle paper, plastics, batteries, printer cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, cell phones, styrofoam, CDs, DVDs, data storage disks and e-waste
  • Uses high post-consumer recycled content in business cards and general letter head
  • Use recycle content office supplies, paper for brochures, mailers and flyers
  • Staff uses re-usable containers, cups and utensils in offices and turns off all lights and computers at night
  • Uses biodegradable trash bags where possible

Concessions and Gift Store

  • Follows the Sustainable Seafood guidelines
  • Uses sustainable food containers
  • Offers condiments in containers not individual packets
  • Opened the more energy efficient Savannah Snacks
  • Commitment to being palm oil free
  • Moving toward locally sourced ingredients
  • Using reusable trays in conjunction with table service to reduce waste
  • Offers fair trade items for sale
  • Uses biodegradable bags

Maintenance, Grounds, Animal Care

  • Switching over to more energy efficient fluorescent and LED bulbs as an alternative
  • Using a mechanical sweeper when practical instead of a leaf blower
  • Composting vegetable and fruit scraps from the animal care kitchen. About 100 lbs per week!

On-going Green Team Activities

  • Yearly Recycle Rummage Sale, raising money for the Zoo’s recycling and conservation programs while keeping gently used items out of the landfill
  • Collects eyeglasses, inkjet cartridges, ewaste and cell phones with funds going towards conservation programs
  • Bench Sponsorship program uses only benches made of recycled materials
  • Banners are reused by animal care for cart covers and upcycled into durable tote bags
  • Seafood Watch cards to 7,000 people annually
  • Hosts a bike-to-work day for employees
  • Offer reusable tote bags and stainless steel water bottles for purchase
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for air travel and Zoo vehicles
  • Encourage Zoo staff to make a year long Green Pledge

Green Members
One of our most successful projects is converting our Zoo Members to "Green" Members who only receive Zoo news and renewals through email. In 2006 we started with 400 Green Members. We climbed to 1,865 in 2007, 2,883 in 2008, 3,699 in 2009, 4,952 in 2010, 6,376 in 2011, 7,700 in 2012, 9,100 in 2013 and 10,507 in 2014. We surpassed our goal in 2015 with 11,508 Green Members! Each Green Member saves us money in printing and postage costs each year.  Plus we save 4 Maagizos, 1 postcard, 4 envelopes and 2 letters worth of paper! That means we saved about $15,000 and 1,900 pounds of paper in 2015 alone!  Sign up to be a Green Member when you purchase your membership or renew, in person, online or through the mail.

Already a member, but want to be Green? Call the Membership Department at (916) 808-5888 or email your Green Member request.

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