Amphibian Conservation
Frogs Matter -- Be Green!

Frogs Matter: Amphibians are a critical part of a healthy natural world.  In addition to their intrinsic value as a beautiful part of nature, they offer many benefits to us humans.  They play an important role in the food web; they are indicators of environmental stability; and amphibians are contributors to human health by providing vital biomedicines.

 Frogs are going extinct. So are toads, salamanders, newts, and the unusual caecilians.

Be Green:  Your day to day actions can affect the survival of these sensitive species.  You can be an amphibian champion by conserving water, reducing pollution, and creating amphibian friendly environments in your own backyard.  Every action you take to Be Green is one more responsible step to creating a healthy environment.

Amphibian Conservation - Get Involved at the Sacramento Zoo

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Frogs Matter Learn about these sensitive species and the amphibian extinction crisis.
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