Volunteer Docent

What is a Docent?

  • Docents are volunteer educators, 18 years or over, who have had Sacramento Zoo training to provide tours, station talks and wildlife wagons for Zoo visitors.  Docents have a love to share with people all that they have learned about the animals that live at the Zoo and current conservation issues worldwide.

Docent Wildlife WagonWhat is the docent training?

  • We present a mini-course in biology plus practice with effective teaching methods and behind-the-scenes Zoo tours.  Saturday classes are 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Practice programs sometimes follow.  Classes begin in January and will run Saturdays into early March.
  • Training averages at $70 per participant; this includes reference binder, training materials, name tag and uniforms.  Docents must also be Zoo members (special rates) and will receive all the member benefits plus others throughout the year.
  • Docent trainees do a number of program "shadows" with docent trainers and a "check out" program before graduation.  A Final written exam will be in late February or early March. 

What is the docent commitment?

  • Once graduated, first year docents give 40 hours leading educations programs and 10 Continuing Education credits.
  • Each year after, docents give 80 hours presenting education programs and 20 Continuing Education credits and maintain Sacramento Zoo membership.

What is Continuing Education?

  • Continued Education includes Zoo walks, lectures, day trips and many other options from which you choose.

Where do I sign up?

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