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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zoo Parent?

The Zoo Parent Program is our animal sponsorship program. Animal sponsorships help us to take care of and feed all of our animals in the Zoo.

How do I become a Zoo Parent?

It's easy! Become a Zoo Parent online, or call the Membership Office at
(916) 808-5888.

Can I take my animal home with me?

You cannot take your animal home with you, but that's the benefit of being a Zoo Parent! No animal messes to clean up; our zookeepers take care of that for you!

Can I feed or pet my animal?

Unfortunately you cannot. Our animals are wild animals and we try to keep them as close to that environment as possible. For that reason, even our zookeepers and staff do not pet the animals, and they are fed a very specialized diet that is designed to simulate what they would eat in the wild.

What is involved in the care of my animal?

Last year the Zoo purchased 41,704 pounds of fruits and vegetables, 55,450 pounds of chow, 15,000 pounds of meat, 341,810 worms and crickets, and 55 gallons of powdered Tang. In addition, the Zoo also employs 20 full-time zookeepers, and 10 full-time maintenance staff to care for the animals and their exhibits, as well as having two veterinarians, one veterinary resident, and one veterinary technician. Your generous contributions help pay for all of this and more!

Become a Zoo Parent today!

          Online: start your purchase or give a gift here.
          By phone: call (916) 808-5888.
          By mail: print this application and return.

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