Wild California

For those of you that are native Californians, you may have noticed quite a few changes in the landscape over the years. A considerable increase in immigration to the western states mean more housing tracts, more roads, more shopping centers, and consequentially less habitat and wildlife. California has more endangered and threatened species than any other state in the union.  The reasons? While loss of habitat is the primary factor, lack of individual responsibility has an equally devastating affect on the environment. 
Is it all a lost cause? Of course not! There are numerous success stories of plants, animals and habitats being brought back from the brink of extinction through protection, determination and responsible decision-making. There may not be any way to prevent more and more people from enjoying the lifestyle we live here in the west, but there are definitely ways to share our habitat with the natural world and prevent mass extinction along the way.

To learn more about the varied habitats and history California has to offer and what you can do to make a difference, click on a link below.

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