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Orangutans are the largest arboreal (live in trees) mammals andthe most arboreal of all the great apes. Males weigh between 100-220 lbs. and females between 80-110 lbs. -- just about the same as adult humans. Orangutan hands and feet almost alike since they travel through the trees equally using both their hands and feet (quadrupedal climbing). Orangs spend most of the day foraging for a wide variety of plants to eat. At the end of eachday they make new nests to sleep in at night.

How does your hand compare to an orangutan?


Materials Needed

  • A copy of the orangutan hand print
    Print out the orangutan hand print here!
  • Your favorite bright color of poster paint. Make sure it's washable.
  • Your left hand
  • Sponge brush or a piece of sponge to dab paint on your hand
  • Soapy water and a towel

1). Place the copy of the orangutan hand print on a hard surface such as a tabletop.

2). With your sponge brush, sponge or dab a thin layer of paint onto your left hand, from your palm to your fingertips.

3). Just above the copy, match up the bottom of your palm with the bottom of the orang's palm. Spread your fingers and press your hand firmly onto the copy.

4). Pull your hand straight up (away from the copy) so it doesn't smear.

5). Wash your hands with soap and water then dry them with a towel.

6). Compare your hand with an orang!

Now, try comparing your foot!
Just follow the same directions, using your left foot instead of your left hand.

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