Mealworm to Beetle Project

Mealworms aren't worms at all--they're the larval stage of a beetle! Let's watch a mealworm grow and change as it goes through its life cycle.


Materials Needed

  • Mealworms (you can buy these at pet stores)
  • Terrarium (a small tank or open-topped box)
  • Oatmeal and chunks of apple
    (Dry dog food and vegetable bits later)
  • Paper towels
  • Observation forms


1). Put the oatmeal, apple chunks, and dampened paper towels in the terrarium
2). Add the mealworms. They will eat the apple and oatmeal. (You can add more oatmeal and apple as needed.)
3). Watch the changes that occur as the mealworms grow and pupate. Once they become adult beetles, you can feed them dry dog food and vegetable bits.
4). Make observations and record the changes you see each day. Also, sketch their process, or take photos for observation later.

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