Animal Family Types
You're On Your Own 

There are hundreds of species of snakes around the world. Some species, like pythons, lay eggs, while other species, like boas and rattlesnakes, give birth to live young. In either case, most kinds of snakes spend little time guarding and raising the young. Some pythons will curl around their eggs until they hatch, and rattlesnake moms will guard their babies for a few days until the babies shed their skin. But that’s as much parental care as the youngsters get.  After that, they wriggle off on their own to find their first meal.  

Many insects just lay their eggs and leave. In fact, lots of insects die once they lay their eggs because it is the end of their lifespan.  Exceptions are bees and ants, which feed and raise their young (see below), some beetles that guard their eggs, and a few others that carry their eggs or young. Because there are so many kinds of insects, there is a great deal of variation on family style. 

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