California Mountains

The vast mountainous regions in California are world renowned. The Sierras, made famous by the Donner Party traveling west, are now used for recreational activities by thousands each year. The variety of state parks including Yosemite, Trinity, and Mount Shasta are also known for their beauty the world over. This, however, is the problem. These are also preserves, with land set aside for plants and animals to be safe from harm. But with thousands of cars visiting each year, air pollution and congestion are growing issues that need to be resolved. 
Water is constantly an issue in California. Since most of the water we use comes from snow melt off, it is imperative that the snow pack remain clean and free of debris. Backcountry visitors must be sure to pack out what they pack in and leave the high country as they found it. Even the slightest change can have disastrous effects in the regions below. 

Conservationists have heavily debated the issue of reintroducing native species with little or no resolution. Is it possible to put back animals that have been absent from the habitat for decades? What affect will that have on the flora and fauna that have survived there?  

Careful planning and study by a variety of conservation organizations working cooperatively will determine what is best for the individual areas. 

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