California Valley

The central California valley is known as the breadbasket of the world. More agricultural activity takes place here than anywhere else in the world. Because of the rich soil, moderate temperatures and rainfall, the land is perfectly suited for growing crops. The rolling hills throughout the valley regions are now filled with rows of corn, rice, lettuce, and as of late, grapes. The winery business in particular has made a steady climb in profits and productivity and is now responsible for financially supporting entire cities.   

The problems with all the agriculture in the central valley is really two fold. The soil, although nutrient rich and fertile, can be over used. If crops are not rotated and varied from year to year, the soil can be ruined for years to come. Farming is much more scientific than in years past, and farm owners must be aware of so many factors that contribute to the success of their crops, the impact on the environment not the least of them.    

In order to compete with large scale, industrial farms, local farmers are under pressure to produce more and more high quality produce. Pesticides have become a mainstay in the farming community, but often have undesirable side affects on the environment.   

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