Just meat for me please!

An animal that is carnivorous is one that eats mostly meat. Meat isn’t limited to the beef, pork, and poultry that many humans eat, but actually includes any kind of animal flesh. So, a lion that feeds on zebra and gazelle is certainly carnivorous, but so is a snake that eats frogs and mice and a shark that eats seals and fish.
Most carnivorous animals must hunt for their food, and they have special adaptations to help them find, catch, and consume other animals. 

For example, the hyena hunts in packs, working together with other hyena to locate and kill their prey. Hyena have short, powerful hind legs that allow them to run long distances quickly in pursuit of zebra and other prey species. When the hyena pack catches a zebra, each animal uses its specially adapted teeth, called canine teeth, to rip through the tough hide and its side teeth to tear off strips of meat. Hyena also have powerful grinding teeth that allow them to crunch through bones and eat every part of their prey, so that nothing is wasted. These adaptations, or special features, of the hyena make it a successful carnivorous animal.

Carnivorous animals are at the top of the food chain – they are predators. Animals that are carnivorous are important in keeping numbers and populations of other animals at healthy levels in an area.

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