We are made to be picky!

Imagine what would happen if rabbits, foxes, bats, crows, and butterflies all liked to eat strawberries. Soon there wouldn’t be a single strawberry left in the country! To avoid competing with other kinds of animals for foods, many animals specialize in eating a certain kind of food. There are animals that specialize in eating almost every kind of food imaginable. For example:
Bugs for breakfast? How about bugs for every meal? That’s what an insectivore likes best! The African hedgehog is an insectivore–it likes to eat beetles, caterpillars, and other insects.

Frugivores (frew-gih-vors) eat fruits and nectars. A fruit bat like the flying fox is a frugivore. In fact, about 30% of bats are frugivores. Most of the others are insectivores! And they disperse seeds!

Piscivores (pis-kih-vors) feed on fish. The puffin is a bird that seems to “fly” underwater as it hunts eels and other fish.
A filter feeder strains small bits of food out of water. Some filter feeders are small animals, like clams and barnacles, while others–like the blue, gray, and humpback whales–are among the largest animals on earth!

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