Animal Profile - Bobcat

Tolomaa the bobcat

Our bobcat, Tolomaa, was born on July 30, 2000. He was born in Louisiana, then, brought to the Sacramento Zoo and was hand raised by the staff in the InterpretiveCenter. As a young kitten he bonded with the kinkajou, since they are both nocturnal animals, they were not such and odd pair to find playing together. Now Tolamaa is an animal ambassador and educates visitors and school children in the daily stage show.

Tolomaa, or Toll for short, now weighs 25-30 pounds but still enjoys playing like a young kitten. One of his favorite games is Round the World: his animal keepers drag a palm frond around his indoor den and he chases it around and around until he tires himself out. He usually plays this game at the end of the day, but he also enjoys playing in an expandable tube from IKEA or hiding in any cardboard box. Another favorite toy from IKEA is any large stuffed animal, like the giant green snake Toll often curls up with for naps. 

You can see Tolomaa in the afternoon 1:30 pm show, but, only when he feels like it. The keepers peer out the window into his den and signal to him with walking fingers. If he gets up, then, he is ready. If he goes into the back of his den and lies back down, you won’t be seeing him that day. It is not easy convincing an unwilling cat to come out on stage when he is more interested in napping.

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