Animal Profile - Laughing kookabura

Laughing kookabura imageFoster, Laughing Kookabura

Foster was hatched on April 10, 2002.  A very territorial bird, Foster will make his loud calls on our stage.  This is just his way of telling everyone “this is my house!”  He enjoys making nests out of cardboard boxes with a little bit of shredded paper inside.  Foster also has a small stuffed animal zebra that hangs in his enclosure that he likes to attack every now and then.  Foster is very picky as to which keepers he likes, and if he doesn’t like you….beware of the Kookaburras pointed beak!

Kookaburras are found in the dry, eucalyptus forests of Australia.  Laughing Kookaburras get their name because of the territorial call that they make.  It sounds like a laugh!  They enjoy eating mice, snakes, lizards, and other small animals.  At the Zoo, Foster gets mice and beef as part of his regular diet, and crickets and mealworms as treats.

Laughing Kookaburra Video

Laughing kookaburra calling a lot!

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