Animal Profile - Box Turtles

box turtle imageBox Turtles
Ornate “Pandora”
Three Toed “Moe” and “Maggie”

Pandora and Moe were donated to the Sacramento Zoo in the early 80’s, and Maggie was donated to the Zoo in the early 90’s.  Maggie, Moe and Pandora get fed a vegetable shred mix everyday.  This mix contains yam, carrot, broccoli, chard, collard greens and romaine.  Once a week they get earthworms added on top, which they enjoy! 

Box Turtles get their name because they have a hinge on the bottom of their shell which allows them to close their shell completely, like a box!  This allows them to stay protected from predators.  There are many subspecies of Box Turtles, and the types that we have are Ornate Box Turtles and Three Toed Box Turtles.  This type of turtle is a land turtle with nails/claws instead of webbed feet and therefore cannot swim.  Although this animal is popular in the pet trade, please consider the fact that the box turtle has the potential to live over 100 years.

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