Sacramento Zoo Art Tour
Take the self-guided art tour and see the beautiful and unique collection.

The Sacramento Zoo offers an array of wildlife art. Use this map as a self-guided tour of our unique and beautiful collection. Not only will you be amazed at the variety and scope of what the Zoo has to offer, you may also find some pathways through the Zoo you’ve never been to before!

Print out this downloadable map, and see if you can find all of the art in the Sacramento Zoo!

Alphabetical by Artist

Judy Arrigotti
   Family Pride
John Battenberg
   Bronze Hawk
Donna Billick
   Snake in the Grass
David Gilhooly
   Pig in a Blanket
Fred Gorden
   Fish Fountain

Dennis L. Haile
Terrence Martin
   Komodo Dragon
   Up to My Neck

Shelley Jurs
   The Magic Kingdom: 
   Animal Tales

Trent Meyer
  Chimpanzee Bust
  Mountain Gorilla Bust
  Olive Baboon Bust
  Sumatran Orangutan Bust
  Stucco Jaguar
  Water’s Edge
Darby Patterson
Tim Robbins
   Orangutan Carved in Cedar

Phil Schuster
  Big Bird
  Woman in Robe
  Woman with Dove
Sandy Scott
   Bronze Eagle
Lily Toppenburg
   Australian Adventure Photo-Op
   Butterfly Photo-Op
   Spider Photo-Op
Stephanie Taylor


Art Map

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