Animal Profile - African Hedgehog

Ebony and Ivory
African Hedgehogs

Two African Hedgehogs share the spotlight at the Zoo. Ebony and Ivory are sisters that came to the Zoo from the Hedgehog Association when they were two months old. They had been abandoned in the state of Oregon where they are not illegal to have as pets.

Ebony and Ivory love to hide in boxes especially when there is newspaper for them to burrow under. One of their favorite treats are mealworms, sometimes their keepers will hide the mealworms in newspaper so that they have to use their senses to find them.

Although they are sisters they have very different personalities. Ivory is more social and likes to know who is around her. On the other hand, in a new situation Ebony is more likely to roll into a ball. Ivory, an albino hedgehog, would be a rare site in the wild as her coloring makes her vulnerable to predators.

Ebony and Ivory can often be seen around town with the Zoomobile. Docents take them out and let them meander around as well. If you see them out do not be afraid of their quills, they only pretend to be pokey to scare off predators.

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