Animal Profile - Greater Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec

TenrecKinga the Tenrec

Kinga is the Zoo’s resident Greater Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec. He was born at the National Zoo in 2009 and given a Malagasy name. Malagasy is the language spoken on his native island of Madagascar where several species of Tenrec’s reside.

Tenrec’s have poor eyesight, making it difficult for them to tell the difference between food and fingers. Also, as arboreal creatures they have long claws, allowing them to climb trees or hook onto their keepers gloves like Velcro.

Although Tenrec’s are usually nocturnal creatures, Kinga has decided to go against the grain. He is constantly on the move, even during the day. One of his favorite activities is running on a hamster wheel that his keepers got to satisfy his desire for motion.

Along with his wheel, Kinga loves playing with ping pong sized wiffle balls. His keepers place King Worms inside a ball and then let him roll the ball around for hours waiting for the tasty treats to fall through the holes.

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