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Join the Sustainer’s Circle

glory the baby giraffe at the sac zooFor as little as 17 cents a day you are contributing to our ongoing work on behalf of wildlife species at your Sacramento Zoo and around the globe.

It’s easy to do: You agree to make a set contribution each week, month or quarter, then we deduct the specified amount from your credit or debit card as requested. Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to fit your donations into your personal budget.

For example…
$100 a month buys enough dandelion greens to feed 14 hungry tortoises
$80 a month buys fresh, organic romaine lettuce for our giraffes
$70 a month covers a snow leopard’s annual exam
$50 a month covers a blood chemistry panel for any animal
$30 a month provides bananas (a favorite) for our troop of chimpanzees
$22 a month buys plenty of capelin (smelt-like fish) for our otter pair
$16.25 a month covers a flamingo’s annual exam
$10 a month buys exotic pine nuts to feed our Endangered flock of thick-billed parrots

Spread your gift to the Sacramento Zoo over the entire year. Your recurring gift adds up and helps us to protect and care for wildlife all year long.

By making a recurring gift of as little as $5, you join a group of dedicated supporters committed to making an ongoing contribution. Your monthly gift will provide the zoo with a dependable source of income that will help us to achieve our mission.

Become a Recurring Donor Today

When completing the recurring donor form, take note to select your desired frequency, located under the amount fields.
Thank you for your support.