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Dr. Graham Banes on Orangutans

Saturday, December 14, 2019
12:30 to 1:30 pm
Kampala Conference Room at the Sacramento Zoo
*Included with zoo admission and free for Sacramento Zoo members. No RSVP needed.

Since June 2019, Dr. Banes is an Associate Scientist in the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, having joined the University in Fall 2017 as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Graham Banes earned his bachelors in zoology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, following study at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He then read for a Master’s degree in Biological Anthropological Science at Darwin College, University of Cambridge, England, where he inferred the subspecies composition of reintroduced orang-utans at Camp Leakey. He then completed a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology, also at the University of Cambridge.

To date, he is one of only three Western scientists to earn their PhD wholly from studies of orang-utans at Camp Leakey, after its co-founder, Dr Biruté Galdikas, and Dr Gary Shapiro.

Since 2013, Dr. Banes has worked with 183 zoos across mainland China to assist in welfare, husbandry and management of all great apes. Most recently, he proposed and is Editor-in-Chief (with Carol Sodaro, Megan Fox and Bai Yali) of the Chinese-language Orang-utan Husbandry Manual to which chapters were contributed by zoo professionals across the US and abroad. The Manual was published by the governmental Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens in October 2018, and is the first ever official Chinese-language guide for the care of a non-endemic species.

In the same month, he co-organized and hosted the China National Orang-utan Workshop at Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo; the first ever national workshop for a non-endemic species. The Workshop was attended by 70+ staff from 37 Chinese zoos, plus a delegation of seven experts from zoos across the US.

Dr. Banes has been published in numerous valuable scientific publications and is a very sought after speaker at conferences and workshops.

Fascinating research topics include:
• Genetic viability of orang-utans in zoos: is the ‘backup’ population sustainable?
• Genetic causes of chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in great apes
• Wild orang-utan population and conservation status: how many remain on Borneo and Sumatra?
• Subspecies and geographic origins of orang-utans reintroduced into wild populations
• Why do male orang-utans have cheek pads? Male bimaturism and reproductive success
• A search for chemical signals in orang-utans: how and why do cheek pads (not) develop?
• Reproductive parameters of ex-captive and translocated female orang-utans

So stop by Kampala Cafe to grab some lunch and learn how the Sacramento Zoo and YOU are helping to save this endangered species. See you there!

Dr. Graham Banes Orangutan Husbandry Manual

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