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I Heart Sacramento Zoo

Sunday, February 11, 2018
9 am to 4 pm

Bring your valentine to a special I Heart Sacramento Zoo day organized by the Sacramento Zoo Teen volunteers. The event features valentine-themed animal enrichments, informative talks and activity tables – all included with general admission. Zoo teens will also provide interactive games and activities.

Schedule of Animal Enrichments

All enrichments happen at the exhibits, unless noted.

9:30 am: jaguar – piñata and paper chains
10 am: African lion – piñatas and heart-shaped ice pops
10:30 am: ground hornbills – paper flower pompoms and paper chains
11 am: river otter – heart-shaped fruit pops, piñatas and heart ice blocks
11:30 am: Sumatran orangutan – paper piñatas, paper bags and paper chains
12 pm: Wolf’s guenon – serveral piñatas, paper bags and paper chains
1 pm: spur-thighed tortoise – pumpkin and watermelon hearts and fruit
1:30 pm: giraffe – large piñata and browse wreaths
2 pm: black & white ruffed lemur – piñatas, large sweetheart candy box and paper chains
2:30 pm: red panda – pinatas and bamboo wreaths
3 pm: chimpanzee – several piñatas, paper bags and paper chains
3:30 pm: Interpretive Center – assorted piñatas and boxes

I Heart Sacramento Zoo means so much to the Zoo Teen program because it allows for the zoo teens to show visitors how dedicated we are to making sure everybody is happy and how much we appreciate our zoo.
Bella Hopkins, Zoo Teen volunteer

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I Heart Sacramento Zoo